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VIDEO: Jim Cramer Calls Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” TO HER FACE!

Oh Man…. He Went There!

Jim Cramer calls Speaker Pelosi "Crazy Nancy" on Live TV!
"Hummina, Hummina, Hummina..." (Screen Capture - CNBC)

It looks as though CNBC’s Jim Cramer just called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” right to her face live on his national cable news show.

We don’t know who we are more embarrassed for – Mad Money Jim, or Crazy Nancy! Here is the video so you can see for yourself.

As you can see, Cramer immediately backpedaled, claiming that he was using a phrase that President Trump uses. However, it appears that Speaker Pelosi was not buying what Cramer was selling.

Our Take…

If we could post all of the shocked faces in the world, we would.

Jim Cramer is known for this unconventional presentation on television, which has even been featured in movies. But this appears to be a clear flub on his part. Cramer appears to have let slip what he and others really think of Speaker Pelosi, except he did it on national television right to her face!

As you know, Pelosi hasn’t had the best press of late, including her adventures in hairdressing and associated conspiracy theories. But today, even though we’re calling out Cramer for his slip of the tongue, Pelosi got smacked in the face with the perception many have of her and her leadership.

What do you think?

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