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Reporter “Kicked Out” Of Trump Rally Had NO Press Credentials!

“Reporter” Was An Attendee, Not Press

Trump Rally Kathy Gray
NYT "reporter" Kathy Gray got in through general admission at a Trump rally and thought she could cover the event. She was wrong. (Photo - Fox News / Twitter)

A New York Time reporter “kicked out” of President Donald Trump’s latest campaign rally in Michigan was actually not credentialed by the campaign to cover the event, according to reports.

Kathy Gray, a correspondent from the New York Times, attended a rally for President Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Michigan this week. She entered through general admissions. Right away, she began tweeting coverage of the event as if she had permission to cover the event.

Her “coverage” apparently caught the attempt of the campaign’s organizers.

As you can imagine, Gray became a “champion of the free press.”

But, this is where the story takes a turn. According to Deadline, the Trump campaign said that Gray had not been credentialed to cover the event.

According to a source with the Trump campaign, Gray had not applied for credentials through the normal process, was in the general audience acting as a reporter. Their rule is that reporters must stay in the designated press area shortly before the president’s arrival and for the duration of his stay. The reporter  was told she could stay in the general admission area, but not while reporting, and she declined. The reporter was then asked to leave the event, the source said.

And with that news, the Twitter flood gates opened on Gray and her narrative.

Our Take…

Add Kathy Gray as the latest example of media gone wild. She choose to become the story, instead of reporting the story.

Private campaign events require credentials to cover them. Typically, press are granted conditional access to such events, and is pretty tightly controlled. This should not be news to a New York Times reporter. Bottom line is that Gray thought she would be slick and take up a general admission seat meant for an attendee of the rally in order to get some unrestricted coverage, such as overhearing private conversations of Trump supporters in search of a “gotcha” moment.

Instead, it was Gray who got caught. Then, she apparently told a half-truth about it in an attempt to engender some of that mainstream media martyrdom going around. Honestly, if there is so much wrong with President Trump and his administration, why do members of the media keep getting caught trying to manufacture controversy? Because, as revealed in our story about Chris Cuomo, media is a bloodsport.

What do you think?

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