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VIDEO: Did Jerry Nadler Poop Himself On Stage?!?

Did he just… I mean… did he?

Jerry Nadler appears to have some issue walking after a press conference, leaving many to speculate that he had a bathroom accident up on stage.
You OK there, Jerry? (Photo - Screen Capture - C-SPAN)

Something was wrong with Jerry Nadler as he exited the stage at a Congressional press conference, leaving many to wonder if Nadler had a bathroom accident on stage.

Watch Nadler in this video and decide for yourself:

Nadler seems to walk off uncomfortably after his remarks, as if he had just dropped a load down his pants!

The clipped video had many wondering online what exactly was going on. Users on the “Public Freakout” Subreddit added an additional video, which captured more of Nadler’s “duck walk.”

Our Take…

Listen, we get it. Aging sucks. Incontinence, if that is indeed the case here, it comes with aging and hope that everything is alright with Mr. Nadler. That said, while we have no confirmation from anyone with knowledge of what exactly happened here, we wish Mr. Nadler well.

This wouldn’t be the first embarrassing moment we’ve seen from Jerry Nadler. You’ll recall how he chastised members of Congress for drinking coffee in his committee hearing without a mask on.

He won our dubious distinction for that little bit of buffoonery.

America has a proud history of taking those in power down a peg or two with parody or sarcasm or commentary whenever something funny or embarrassing happens. So while we wish Mr. Nadler good health, we can’t help but laugh at this video. Whatever may or may not have happened, it was certainly an awkward moment!


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