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MORE VIDEO: Pelosi, Daughter Play Victim, Cry “Blow Out” Conspiracy!

How Low Will She Go?!?

Nancy Pelosi Plays Victim
Nancy Pelosi plays the victim. (Pictures: Fox News/EPA)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi portrayed herself as victim of a conspiracy perpetrated by a small business owner in response to the release of security footage of her now infamous wash and blow out. Pelosi claims the footage release “was clearly a setup.”

Grabien’s Tom Elliott brings us the footage:

I bet you thought that this is as low as Pelosi will go. Well, clearly, you are wrong! Nancy’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, took matters a step further, posting a statement from attorneys purporting to represent the stylist that did Pelosi’s ‘do.

In response, the salon owner, Erica Kious, denies any diabolical set-up. She also relays the tragic collapse of her business, stating that she will likely leave San Francisco in response to the backlash Pelosi’s visit has caused.

Our Take…

Pelosi has her knives out. She’s been wronged and therefore must destroy the salon owner, Erica Kious, for her transgressions against the most powerful Democration in the nation.

But, is she seriously trying to make herself out to be the victim? Where is Pelosi’s responsibility for knowing the law in her own city? Even CNN’s Chris Cillizza – far from a conservative – wrote that Pelosi committed a political “unforced error“.

The problem is that Pelosi was told wrong. Hair salons can operate outdoors, according to new San Francisco regulations that went in place last Friday. Which she should have known. When you are the Speaker of the House and a very vocal critic of President Donald Trump’s flouting of best practices to limit the spread of Covid-19, you can’t rely on what a hairstylist tells you. You double check whether you are allowed to go into a salon. And whether you need to always be wearing a mask.

Because, if you don’t, this happens.

Pelosi going on offense against a business owner suffering under oppressive COVID-19 regulations that has crippled her financially is despicable. Pelosi not only doubles-down on her hypocritical buffoonery, but she is showing a vindictive side that will hurt her party’s standing in 2020.


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Nancy Pelosi's hair appointment is more important than you are.

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