Journalist GETS SCHOOLED by Social Media On Abraham Accord Success

Feigning Ignorance For The RTs

So called "Journalist" Jacki Schachner doesn't get why the Abraham Accords are such a big deal.
So called "Journalist" Jacki Schachner doesn't get why the Abraham Accords are such a big deal. (Photo: Reuters / Tim Breener, Twitter)

A so-called journalist got schooled by social media on Trump’s peace deal after she feigned ignorance to its significance.

Jacki Schechner sports one of those fancy blue check marks on the Twitters, claims to be a former CNN contributor with a history of running some nonprofit seeking to investigate Russia and President Trump. Already, we see she’s totes credible.

Anyways, Schechner took to Twitter to attempt to downplay the significance of the Trump Administration’s brokering of the Abraham Accord Peace Agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Naturally, Schechner got called out.

Oof, indeed. We even got in on the fun, but in a much more constructive way.

Indeed, many others have gone on to explain the political and real world significance of this deal. But despite that, Schechner went into spin mode.

Clearly, she missed Gene’s tweet! But that’s OK. Maybe ignorance, feigned or not, truly is bliss for Schechner.

Our Take…

What an ad-newseam Buffoon. Schechner, who was not on anyone’s radar prior to this tweet, clearly had an agenda behind her tweet. We don’t think for one second that Schechner is ignorant to the significance of the Abraham Accords. Schechner is trying to be a heat magnet – drawing the adoration of the left while earning the scorn of the right. This is evident based on her attack on Trump supporters for not providing a substantive answer.

Ummm… hello? Did you check your feed at all, Jacki? Gene wasn’t the only one to bring up some significant arguments. But forget about a tweeted response – have you not read the myriad of op-ed and features that, to varying degrees, highlight the significance of the moment? I mean, you can ignore the “little people” responding to you, but what about your colleagues?

As we have seen from the likes of Brian Stelter, “Fredo” and others who claim to be “journalists”, the story is never about the story – it is about them talking about the story.


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