VIDEO: Peterson MOCKS Comic Parody Of His Ideas


Ta-Naheisi Coates Jordan Peterson

Renowned Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson responded to a Marvel comic story arc that parodies his ideas with a series of mocking memes.

In the latest issue of Marvel’s Captain America written by “woke” writer Ta-Naheisi Coates, the Red Skull, long the Nazi-inspired nemesis of Cap, takes to the Interwebs to explain his “10 rules for life”, “the feminist trap” and “chaos and order.”

For those unfamiliar with the character, Red Skull real name Johann Schmidt, is the former head of HYDRA, which in the comics was the special weapons division of the Nazi SS.

Yes, Red Skull is a Nazi scientist. In the comics, Red Skull is a megalomaniac and egocentric genius who firmly believed in the Nazi Party’s long-standing misinterpretation of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Übermensch. Red Skull believes that he is a part of a race of superhuman beings, and as such, that he is destined to rule over us lesser beings.

But now, he’s transitioned into some kind of self-help guru on YouTube. Sound familiar?

Coates is a former national correspondent to various publications who focused on cultural issues regarding African-Americans and “white supremacy”. “Woke” writer comparing a psychologist with a predominantly white male following to a Nazi maniac. Are the pieces starting to come together?

Peterson, the author of “12 Rules for Life” and other works, took exception to Coates’s out-of-left field comparison.

Peterson then proceeded to own the comparison by posting some memes featuring the Red Skull along with his own adages.

UPDATE: Dr. Peterson further reacts here:

Our Take…

In what world is this comparison even remotely apt? In the world of Ta-Naheisi Coates, an award-winning “woke” journalism whose topic of choice is usually… you guess it! Racism.

Yep, a perfect resume for… writing comics. But then again, this is what tribalists on the Left want. They want to appropriate all aspects of culture.

Coates is very obviously portraying Peterson. But since when are classical liberal teaching akin to being a Nazi? If anything, today’s left is lurching closer to Nazism as they push an identitarian worldview through suppressing opposing viewpoints and pushing critical race theory. It’s a sick kind of projection, isn’t it?

Then again, what exactly is the goal of comparing a mainstream personality like Peterson to a Nazi? Are we making Nazism mainstream? Or are you looking for a new punching bag?

We’re sure that many people do mistaken Peterson, a man who preaches that you should clean your room and stand up straight, to a Nazi. Because we live in a “participation trophy” culture where we shield people from anything considered harsh. This is what society is devolving towards.

Coates intentionally distorts and weaponizes Peterson’s intended ideas. It’s buffoonish agenda gymnastics.

What do you think?

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