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This Year’s Oscars Will Be The Most WOKE Ever

Trio of Hosts Hate The Right

oscars most woke ever

Coming off the lowest ratings in show history, this year’s Academy Awards show is shaping up to be the most woke ever.

Tuesday, “Good Morning America” revealed that the 2022 Oscars will be hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes. The trio will be the first to host the Oscars since 2018.

The trio are not exactly fans of the right. Here’s a few highlights

  • In 2009, Sykes once joked at the White House Correspondents Dinner that she wanted conservative icon Rush Limbaugh to go into kidney failure.
  • In 2016, some two hundred attendees walked out of one of Amy Schumer’s live shows. Schumer responded with an open condescending letter to the walkouts, saying, “I’m sorry you didn’t want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in, to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now.”
  • Two years later in 2018, Schumer said that “A vote for Kavanaugh is a vote saying women don’t matter.” The same year, Schumer mocked Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) for having a “crackhead-looking mouth” and “tiny racist teeth.” 
  • Also in 2018, as angry fans walked out of her live show because of a series of jokes about President Donald Trump. When heckling started, Sykes responded, “What do you expect? I’m a black lesbian.”
  • Regina King opened the 2020 Oscars by pontificating about George Floyd and celebrating the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial. She has also been an advocate of several lefty initiatives.

2021 saw the lowest ratings in the 93 years of the Academy Awards, with less than 10 million tuning in to the most woke show ever.  That was twice as bad as the year before, and that one had been the worst show in Oscars history. 

Our Take…

We’ve long documented the buffoonery of Hollywood. Most recently, we saw Susan Sarandon‘s plea for relevancy over policing.

What is amazing is that these “woke” celebrities never learn. The people have spoken: awards shows where celebrities preach their dogma are no longer tolerated. Every self-congratulatory moment is viewed with disgust. Yet, they persist in continuing down the path of “wokeness”. Putting up this woke trio as the hosts of this latest pending farce pawned off as entertainment sets up the Oscars for another all-time low in viewership.

Growing up, “awards season” was a celebration of the best in entertainment. It was an escape into fantasy, comedy and drama. And yes, it had some political messaging. But today, that genre has been choked to death by politics and alienated viewers. This year will be no different.

What do you think?

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