BLOCKED! Bears Refuse to Meet with Lightfoot About Her New Field Plans for Crime-Riddled Chicago

Bears Are Off to Greener, Safer Suburbs

Crime-Riddled Chicago

Despite Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s $2.2 billion plan to upgrade their home, the NFL’s Chicago Bears blocked any possibility of staying in crime-riddled Chicago.

According to The Daily Wire, Lightfoot proposed a “Hail Mary offer” to convince the Bears to stay in an upgraded Soldier Field. However, as ESPN reported, the Bears have no intention of staying, as the organization is committed to a new field in a safer suburb of Chicago:

As part of our mutual agreement with the seller of that property, we are not pursuing alternative stadium deals or sites, including renovations to Soldier Field, while we are under contract. We have informed the City of Chicago that we intend to honor our contractual commitments as we continue our due diligence and predevelopment activities on the Arlington Heights property.

Chicago Bears

This past September, the Bears signed a $197.2 million agreement for a 326-acre property in suburban Arlington Heights. The site is 30 miles northwest of Soldier Field.

Per the Associated Press, Lightfoot remains committed to “do what I can to keep (the Bears) here in the city of Chicago and I don’t think the door has closed by any means.”

But, Lightfoot also said that the Bears have declined to meet with her office, canceling a planned meeting with city officials. “The bottom line is they’ve got to come to the table,” Lightfoot said.

Our Take…

Bye Bye, Bears!

Perhaps the reason why the Bears want to get out of Chicago is because, under Lightfoot’s “leadership”, the city sucks.

According to The Daily Wire, Arlington Heights has a median household income just over $100,000. That’s almost 40% high than Chicago’s median household income of $62,000, with 17% of the residents living in poverty. Arlington Heights also has substantially less criminal activity than crime-riddled Chicago, which is on pace to top 600 killings.

Not to mention, Lightfoot is a Buffoonish hypocrite. We have documented her antics well here for years. Remember when she allowed protesters to overrun Chicago, but used police to keep protesters away from her block? Remember when Lightfoot sowed discord by cursing out Justice Clarence Thomas in public.

No wonder “Da Bears” have one foot out the door. Lightfoot and her supporter will have to reap what they have sown.

What do you think?

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