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The Twitter Left: ACB Is Real Life “Handmaid’s Tale”

MSNBC's Zerlina Maxwell and filmmaker Michael Moore both invoked "Handmaid's Tale" imagery in association with Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
MSNBC's Zerlina Maxwell and filmmaker Michael Moore

A quick scan of Twitter shows that those on the political left want you believe that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is the living embodiment of the fictional work “A Handmaid’s Tale”, despite facts to the contrary.

For instance, we’ll start with MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell – one of the many on the left that, as we have documented, are “chasing Amy.”

The thread continued to today’s wardrobe choice by Judge Coney Barrett

But, we all wear masks these days. I mean, isn’t that what the left demands everyone must do?

Then, there’s documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

In response, many called out Moore’s tweet for photoshopping, as it seems that the color of Judge Coney Barrett’s dress had been altered to suit this disturbing narrative.

Our Take…

The hyperbole of the insane Twitter left is a clear indication that they have no legitimate argument about Judge Coney Barrett’s qualifications or credentials.

Thus far, Judge Coney Barrett comes across as an extremely knowledgeable and skillful judge. She is able to separate her personal life form her job performance. But, she is also effectively showing her compassionate character while firmly stating her judicial philosophy.

In short, Judge Coney Barrett is a virtually bulletproof nominee. Because of that, the Twitter left can’t take it. This is similar to past Buffoon of the Week nominees we discussed that couldn’t handle her nomination.

So, they do what they do best – show the worst side of their character. It’s a sideshow of buffoonery.


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