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THEY CAVED! Girl Scouts Delete “Congratulatons” Tweet To ACB

Cancel Culture Strikes Again

Cancel Culture strikes again as the Girl Scouts delete a congratulatory tweet to now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett after progressive pressure.

Caving to political pressure, the Girl Scouts delete a congratulatory tweet to now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

The Girl Scouts bowed to progressive cancel culture, apologizing and deleting the seemingly-harmless tweet seen below where they congratulated Amy Coney Barrett on her confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice.

It appears that the Girl Scouts deleted the tweet in response to pressure from progressives. Some took tot Twitter to attack the organization for celebrating one of the Left’s prime political targets.

The response from the left was is clearly in response to Justice Barrett. We can say that because apparently, progressives had no objections when Hillary Clinton touted her Girl Scouts membership in 2016. Or, when the Girl Scouts responded in kind:

By deleting the tweet, the Girl Scouts created even more of a controversy than when it was originally posted. They claiming it is “a nonpolitical” organization.

That may be true. But, isn’t deleting this particular tweet a political decision?

Our Take…

This is a clear example of a non-political organization lacking political courage.

If the Girl Scouts are indeed “nonpolitical”, then what does it matter that some see it as political? If they have their own political hang-ups, why cater to them? People like Ayanna Pressley and Asha Rangappa can’t remember the last time they had a non-political thought in their head. The Girl Scouts should simply communicate that their message is nonpolitical and leave it at that.

Instead, the Girl Scouts made a political decision to bow to progressive cancel culture. All the Girl Scouts did was turn the issue even more political. Now, conservatives are in an uproar because the Girl Scouts are seemingly catering the delicate sensitivities of the left.

The shame of it all is that the message was a good one for young girls. That girls can think any way they want and still achieve greatness. Instead the message to young girls is the opposite: stay in line or get run over.

That’s the problem with cancel culture: everything is offensive to someone. Even little girls celebrating a new Supreme Court Justice.

What do you think?

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