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VIDEO: Mazie Hirono Is A Petulant Child

“Hell, no” Vote Was A Baby’s Tantrum

Sen. Mazie Hirono is a petulant child
"America's dumbest Senator" (Erin Schaff/Reuters)

Video of the U.S. Senate confirmation of now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett showed that Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is a petulant child, as she voted “Hell, no.”

Hirono, called by Tucker Carlson “America’s dumbest Senator“, denigrated herself and her office with her crude vote on the floor of the U.S. Senate.

You may recall during Justice Barrett’s confirmation hearings that Sen. Hirono made a big deal over Barrett’s use of the phrase “sexual preference.” Hirono asserted that the phrase had an offensive connotation when she used it. However, when taken to task on that moment, Hirono, as is her tendency, snapped at a reporter.

National Review reporter John McCormack confronted Hirono over Biden’s recent usage of “sexual preference,” asking whether she would hold the Democratic presidential nominee to the same standard that she used against Barrett.

McCormack asked, “Should Joe Biden apologize, too, like Amy Coney Barrett did?”

Hirono responded, “Joe Biden is not up for the Supreme Court.”

“He’s up for the presidency. So, he shouldn’t apologize?” McCormack followed up.

“People will decide,” Hirono shot back.

“You don’t want to call on him to apologize?” McCormack asked again.

Hirono then snapped, “Oh, stop it. The world is in flames.”

Temper, temper! Many took to social media to express their reaction to Hirono’s latest tantrum.

What courage.

Our Take…

Sen. Mazie Hirono is, in our opinion, the most absurd Senator in the Senate. She is from that crowd like the Twitter left we talked about last week that saw an intelligent jurist as the embodiment of “The Handmaid’s Tale“.

Her preparation for important moments like the Barrett confirmation hearings is overly-simplistic. She has her mind made up regardless of the answers to her loaded questions. It is clear that she is only capable of reading whatever is put in front of us – and even then, it’s a struggle for her to do that!

This latest episode is Hirono playing to her mob. She cares more about being a “woke” hero than her own professional reputation. Hirono is not a legislator. She is an instigator. She offers nothing to honest discourse, and she makes herself the story at all times. Whether it’s telling men to “shut up” during the Kavanaugh hearings or these latest instances of immaturity, Hirono can be counted on to be a perennial Buffoon in the Senate.

What do you think?

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