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WHO YA GOT! Buffoons Step In It BIG TIME!

Who Ya Got for this week's Buffoon of the Week!
Oh boy, did Jim Cramer and this fake BLM activist ever step in it!

After a short summer break, we’re back at work bringing you the biggest and best in political buffoonery! Both nominees are left thinking “What the @#$% did I do?!?” after making YUGE mistakes. CNBC’s Jim Cramer had a very public Freudian slip, while yet another race faker can’t take all of the lies and deceit anymore.  But who’s the bigger buffoon? Special shout-out to both Fox News 17 in Nashville, TN and for such great source material.

Here are some other stories featured in our dishonorable mentions or that we couldn’t fit into this week’s video:

  • Who is this week’s Buffoon of the Week?

    • Jim Cramer
    • Satchuel Cole

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