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SHOCK THERAPY! Our Brand New Show PLUS BONUS Content!


SURPRISE! WE launched a brand-new show! We’re going back to our roots with SHOCK THERAPY.

Shock Therapy is a new LIVE show that Gene Berardelli hosts along with a familiar face. Together, this reunited “Dynamic Duo” discuss the previous week’s news from across the spectrum of Political Buffoonery.

This week, the boys tackled the latest on AOC’s Miami adventure, the new Manhattan DA‘s refusal to lock up criminals, and how January 6th was far from the worst thing to ever happen to the Capitol.

You can check out the debut show below.

And just because you visited our site, here’s a BONUS show. This one isn’t published to social media because we take on topics that our Big Tech Overlords would shut us down.

As you’ll see, we go off “after dark”. Leave us some feedback in the comments!

What do you think?

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