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VIDEO: Even Fredo Is Done With Don Lemon

Even Cuomo Wasn’t Buying It!

Don Lemon Blow Up System
For Don Lemon to lose Fredo, he has to be spewing some nonsense! (Screen Capture - CNN)

Looks like CNN’s Chris Cuomo, aka Fredo, is done with Don Lemon’s rhetoric, as he claims that “we have to blow up the entire system” and “pack the Courts” in response to Republicans stating their intention to push forward with fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Watch Lemon’s failure to grasp civics:

On Monday, Lemon went full-on radical, pushing for abolishing thr Electoral College and cout-stacking for Democrats to take over control of the government. Lemon’s rhetoric was even too overwhelming for Chris Cuomo, who, to his credit, tried to bring Lemon back down to Earth on his radical – and downright scary – plan to fundamental change the American political system.

Our Take…

Abolishing the Electoral College. Packing the Supreme Court. Lemon’s grand plan is like a progressive’s holiday wish list, and is further proof that CNN commentators live on a different planet than the rest of us.

This is a temper tantrum! Lemon isn’t getting his way because Republicans are pushing forward with the government’s Constitutional duties. So, he is pitching a fit. He’s playing to his audience base, feeding them what they want to hear. No matter how fanciful what he’s saying is.

And for once, let’s give some kind words to Fredo! At least he recognizes how unrealistic Lemon is being. Fredo also have a working knowledge of the heavy lift that Lemon is proposing. Let’s all agree on this – if you want change, you vote for change. Lemon’s plan to game the system and change the rules with such a radical shift in American political culture is plain cuckoo-bananas.


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