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VIDEO! TOP 5 Examples of Biden Administration Buffoonery!

Top 5 Biden ADministration Buffoonery
We didn't even make it 100 days to do this!

We’re in such buffoonery overload, that we need to do our Top 5 list of Biden administration buffoonery before his first 100 days.

We’re already a critical mass with Biden Administration buffoonery. We just can’t wait, so we highlighted our list of the Top 5 most Buffoonish moments in the short tenure of the Biden Administration.

We’ve said it so many times: Joe Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. We have seen it for years. We saw it on the campaign trail, as well as during the debates. But little did we know that he was just getting started!

From barring press access to events and avoiding questions, to the bungling of the border, it’s been a helleva of a start. Which is to say, Biden’s crammed a year’s worth of buffoonery in just three months.

But, Biden was far from the only buffoon this week. Far from it! Here are some others that caught our eye:

Tell us in the comments what we got right, what we got wrong, what we missed and all of your opinions right below in the comments section!

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