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SHOCK THERAPY! Episode 3 – We Got Ourselves A CONVOY!

Trust us, you need this!

Justin Trudeau conadian convoy

With so much political buffoonery in America today, our system needs a shock to the system! And honestly, we need a place to vent our frustrations a little bit. So we decided, let’s do both!

This is SHOCK THERAPY! Our new show reviewing the week in political Buffoonery. Join the conversation by dropping a comment wherever you’re watching.

This week, Gene and [Name Redacted] run through the week in buffoonery. From the war waged against Joe Rogan by some aging rockers, to Justin Trudeau in hiding as the Canadian convoy bears down on him, to COVID crackdowns on Hunter Biden’s favorite strip club, this was a fun show to make! Hope you like it!

Then, check out our “UNCENSORED” Show, available only here on our website. [Name Redacted] and Gene say everything they want to say that social media won’t allow because they are a bunch of censorious scum!

Trust us. You need this. It’ll be good for you.

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