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Australia’s new “Women’s Network” Logo Taken Down

Well now… That’s… Interesting

Australia's new "Women's Network" logo

Critics are lambasting an Australia’s new “Women’s Network” logo was quickly taken down for its… phallic resemblance.

For those who don’t know, the Australian government unveiled a purple logo representing the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Women’s Network. Immediately, people noted how the purple logo, consisting of a curved “W” and a rounded, purple bar, looks like… well look:

Talk about super cringy.

SBS News reported on the reaction to the Australia’s new “Women’s Network” logo. “They have designed and used a logo for the Women’s Network which, when you look at it, is so insulting to us. It just totally illustrates how out of touch they are,” said Yumi Lee of the Older Women’s Network.

Almost as quickly as it was unveiled, Australia new “Women’s Network” logo was taken down, according to Women’s Agenda Australia.

But, not before Twitter provided some hot takes.

It got so bad, then the “Women’s Network Australia” had to distance itself from the government entity of similar name.

Our Take…

Who in the world came up with Australia’s new “Women’s Network” logo? What a joke!

Talk about a total lack of self-awareness.

This could be a case of “snow blindness”, where those working on this logo was so close tot he work that it didn’t see the obvious. Or, it could be a dereliction of quality control. Or, maybe, a case of arrogance where those in charge saw the logo for what it was, but didn’t care.

In any event, the Australian government got quite the wake-up call from people who actually do care about this logo.

Even with that, those who care about logos are themselves Buffoons. What’s more important: worrying about a logo, or worrying about issues? There are plenty of businesses out there with funky logos that do not work, yet they get the job done.

So, bottom line, Buffoons abound with this one.

What do you think?

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