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CRINGE! Lady Gaga MOCKED For “Redneck” Video Endorsing Biden

The beer abuse must not be tolerated!

Recording artist Lady Gaga released a cringe-worthy "redneck" video endorsing Joe Biden.
"Greetings, fellow rural citizenry." (Screen Capture - Twitter)

Recording artist Lady Gaga released a cringe-worthy “redneck” video endorsing Joe Biden.

The “Poker Face” singer put on some camo gear, and stood next to a pickup truck with a beer in hand. I wonder who she thinks she’s appealing to…

Gaga, a born-and-bred New Yorker named Stefani Germanotta, then took one sip of beer, crushed the can and tossed it on the ground, while saying, “Cheers to the 2020 election.”

The video was mocked online by by people saying that Gaga’s caricature of flyover-state voters totally missed the mark.

The beer abuse was real! Though, what was worse was the blatant insult to rural voters, who tend to be more conservative.

Even some fans of her music were turned off by the “cringe.”

Our Take…

Did anyone else think of this meme when looking at Lady Gaga’s video?

I don’t think the message that Lady Gaga wants to send made it through. First of all, she is badly stereotyping the voter she wants to reach. That’s more insulting than anything else. Then, she does a bad job stereotyping the voter she wants to reach! Who throws a perfectly good beer to the ground in celebration?

The whole scene is inauthentic and, frankly, insulting. But it is par for the course from the useful idiots we have seen of late. They mock what they don’t understand.

For those blue-state people out there: imagine if the tables were reversed:

Does that sound appealing to you? That is what you are doing when you sign off on videos like this aimed at “flyover” folk.

What do you think?

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