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Shock Therapy! Episode 2: Biden’s Really Bad Week

Not the best way to start the year!

Shock Therapy Episode 2!

In this week’s show, Gene and [Name Redacted] review the Biden Administration’s really bad week.

From the Democrat’s failure to “nuke” the filibuster and jam through their voting rights reform as promises, to the resultant Dem-on-Dem attacks leveled by Maxine Waters at Sens. Manchin and Sinema (who are racists, all of a sudden) and more, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had one of the worst weeks of any President in recent memory. We go through it all, like Joe’s latest malfunction, and more.


Check it all out here!

Then, once you’re done viewing the “clean” show on our Rumble player, it’s time to get UNCENSORED! Check out the special after-show made just for our website visitors! Gene and [Name Redacted] let loose and go off on the most controversial topics with opinions that are #TooSpicyForBigTech platforms. From COVID-19, to January 6th and more, we cover it all in the after-show!

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