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Fredo: “You know I’m Black on the inside”

Chris Cuomo Strikes Again

Chris Cuomo is "black on the inside."

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, a.k.a. “Fredo”, created another cringeworthy moment when he claim that, “You know I’m Black on the inside.”

The remark came as Fredo’s rapped between shows with fellow CNN host (and quite a buffoon in his own right) Don Lemon. During the segment, Cuomo was singing the lyrics to the 80’s sitcom, Good Times, as you do, when this happened:

Aisha K. Staggers, managing editor of Sister2Sister magazine, was among those none too happy with Cuomo’s quip:

Megyn Kelly wondered out loud where Don Lemon’s righteous indignation was at that moment:

Our Take…

Oh, those Cuomo boys. They certain are a fitting tribute to their father’s legacy.

The oldest, Andrew, just had his 6th accuser of sexual misconduct come forward. Meanwhile, the younger, Chris (Fredo) is a perennial buffoon. This latest instance further exposes they hypocrisy on the left.

Imagine if Sean Hannity had said he was “black on the inside” and sang the same as Fredo. Or Tucker Carlson. The outrage would loud and unending. Where is the “anti-racist” crowd coming for Chris Cuomo? Perhaps this is why many people do not take such movements seriously.

Chris Cuomo has been a frequent target on our website, because he continually inserts foot into mouth. His self-righteous demeanor makes his hypocrisy all the more visible.

Pointing out all this hypocrisy is taxing. Especially when the same political personality personifies the term.

What do you think?

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