NPR Now Has a “Disinformation Team”… No, Seriously.

Backlash Calls to “Defund NPR”

NPR disinformation team

National Public Radio has announced that it now has a formal “NPR disinformation team”, and Republicans want to know why. Here’s the announcement from Casey Morell about NPR’s “disinformation team.”

According to Wyoming News, NPR has covered “disinformation” formally since last year, but it is now expanding to a full team this summer. The announcement led to many Republican lawmakers questioning the capability of any NPR disinformation team to actually sus out disinformation.

According to Just the News, Republican lawmakers demanded answers from NPR about this announcement. GOP members of Congress told NPR President and CEO John Lansing in a letter that “you abdicated your responsibility of earnestly reporting on a story of significant public interest” involving Hunter Biden’s questionable business transactions. 

As you may recall, NPR is the same outlet that denied verification of the Hunter Biden laptop story, among others.

The letter continues, “Notwithstanding the story’s significant public interest, you willfully spread misinformation by suppressing a legitimate, verifiable story about significant political corruption within the Biden family.”

The representatives also pointed out how NPR “gave a platform to Nina Jankowicz, who advocated for the creation of the Department of Homeland Security’s Orwellian ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ without including any opposing viewpoints.”

One GOP lawmaker, Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) even called to “Defund NPR” in respond to its announcement.

Our Take…

We share in Not The Bee’s view on NPR’s “disinformation team”:

House GOP lawmakers ask the seminal question: Given NPR’s left-wing political bias, how can an NPR disinformation team act in an unbiased a non-partisan matter?

NPR’s “disinformation team” is another example of a biased news organization seeking to shape narratives instead of reporting. Except NPR is no ordinary legacy news organization; it is a taxpayer funded legacy news organization.

We are paying for this.

Are you OK with your tax dollars going to fund this “NPR disinformation team” given its history of bias? Let us know in the comments.

What do you think?

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