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BARF! ‘The View’ Hosts Compare Their Bare Feet… To Our Sheer Horror

Oh, The Humanity

Joy Behar Feet
In a bizarre segment, The View hosts compared their (shudder) bare feet for... some reason.

In a bizarre segment, The View hosts compared their (shudder) bare feet for… some reason.

With an off-day this past Monday, the ABC talk show released a new, pre-recorded episode. During the show’s “Hot Topics” segment, the hosts conversed about household etiquette. The conversation turned into a debate over who has the most attractive bare feet.

Perennial Buffoon Joy Behar laid claim to having “gorgeous feet”, and somehow hoisted her leg and foot onto the set’s table.

Whoopi Goldberg backed up her co-host, sharing that Behar’s tootsies had a dedicated page on the website wikiFeet. “I just want to put this out there, there is a place on the Internet called [wikiFeet], and Joy’s feet are on wikiFeet,” Goldberg said.

It got worse. As it turned out, each host had their own page on wikiFeet as well. Some even ranked higher than Behar. That’s when the debate really picked up.

“I’ve seen your feet, and they’re piggy-toed!” Behar said to co-host Ana Navarro. “Your second toe is longer than your first,” Behar lobbed at co-host Sunny Hostin.

No, seriously. This all happened. Watch it, if you dare.

Our Take…

I mean, do we really need a take? Right when you think The View has hit a low, it gets more disgusting

“Woke” Hollywood types strikes again. Even fans said they felt ‘disgusted’ on Twitter after watching the segment unfold.

Remember, The View is part of ABC’s news department. Is this news? Is this anything useful to viewers? War has been brewing in Eastern Europe (and broke out today). At home, a convoy is on the move to D.C. to protest masking policies.

But, instead of discussing any of that, we get Joy Behar’s feet?!?

These people actually want you to take them seriously. They think we should listen to them about our nation’s leadership?


This is buffoonery of the highest order.

What do you think?

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