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IT’S TIME! VOTE in The 2020 Buffoon of the Year Tournament!

It's TIme! We're unveiling the 2020 Buffoon of the Year tournament to crown the dumbest newsmaker of the year!

It’s Time! We’re unveiling the 2020 Buffoon of the Year tournament to crown the dumbest newsmaker of the year!

Time to unveil the lucky 16 who were selected by our Nominating Committee as a finalist for Buffoon of the Year!

This year’s bracket was divided into 4 categories:

We were lucky enough to have 4 great friends break down each match-up, including:

This year, you can vote for Buffoon of the Year on any of our social media platforms by expressing your choice, or by voting in our polls


Think you can predict who will win Buffoon of the Year! If so, you can win a Prize Pack from our friends at Less Government More Fun. Here’s what you do:

  1. Fill out our bracket HERE
  2. Save and Download a photo of your bracket when completed.
  3. Send it to, or share it with us on any social media platforms

We’ll randomly pick two lucky winners – with each getting a T-shirt and other goodies from Less Government, More Fun!

  • Question of

    de Blasio vs. Wheeler – WHO YA GOT!

    • Bill de Blasio
    • Ted Wheeler
  • Question of

    Lightfoot vs. Durkan

    • Lori Lightfoot
    • Jenny Durkan
  • Question of

    Chris Cuomo vs. Scully – WHO YA GOT!

    • Chris Cuomo
    • Steve Scully
  • Question of

    Lemon vs. Wallace – WHO YA GOT!

    • Don Lemon
    • Chris Wallace
  • Question of

    Biden vs. Lincoln Project – WHO YA GOT!

    • Hunter Biden
    • Lincoln Project
  • Question of

    Milano vs. Dorsey – WHO YA GOT!

    • Alyssa Milano
    • Jack Dorsey
  • Question of

    Nadler vs. Hirono – WHO YA GOT!

    • Jerry Nadler
    • Mazie Hirono
  • Question of

    Andrew Cuomo vs. Bolton – WHO YA GOT!

    • Andrew Cuomo
    • John Bolton

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FEC Filings reveal that the "saviors" of the Republican party known as The Lincoln Project received over $80M from Democrats, and failed to deliver any results.

Lincoln Project Took $80M From DEMS & Failed To Deliver Results

Fill in your predictions for Buffoon of the Year on Bracket Fights, send it to us, and you may win a prize pack from Less Government, More Fun!

Buffoon of the Year “Bracket Fights” Predictions Contest!