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WaPo DEMOTED Taylor Lorenz Amid Latest Controversy

She Got What She Deserved!

Demoted Taylor Lorenz

Multiple media outlets have report that Washington Post demoted Taylor Lorenz from a features columnist to a lowly technology reporter.

Lorenz has been at the center of several controversies this year.

Doxxing Libs of Tik Tok

In April, Lorenz sobbed during an MSNBC interview, claiming she has “severe PTSD” from retaliatory tweets related to her reporting. “I’ve had to remove every single social tie, I have severe PTSD from this. I’ve contemplated suicide, it got really bad,” Lorenz claimed. She would later blame MSNBC for further torment, claiming the network botched her report.

Then, Lorenz published a story revealing the real name of the popular Twitter user Libs of Tik Tok. In that report, Lorenz doxxed “Libs” by publishing her home address. In an interview with reputed Buffoon Brian Stelter, Lorenz defended her “hit piece.” Badly. Lorenz claimed that she revealed the anonymous Twitter because she could have been “a foreign actor.” That, of course, was not the case.

A few months later, Lorenz find herself in a whole new controversy.

Counting YouTubers’ Money

Lorenz wrote about YouTube lawyers were making big money off of livestreams commentating the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial. Lorenz intimated that her targets, all pro-Depp, may be shilling for followers and cash. She also claimed that two subjects of her reporting, YouTubers ThatUmbrellaGuy and LegalBytes, had not responded to requests for comment. However, both claimed that Lorenz never reached out to either of them for comment, necessitating a correction. The piece had already been secretly edited after it was published.

Per the New York Times, Lorenz tweeted that “a miscommunication with her editor” led to the errors

The report also intimates that one editor, David Malitz, was set for a promotion which has since been rescinded.

This latest controversy may have been the straw that broke the Washington Post’s back. Mediaite reports that the Washington Post fired another writer, Felicia Sonmez, over some other drama that spilled onto Twitter. WaPo’s Executive editor, Sally Buzbee, then sent a staff memo that the paper will no longer “tolerate colleagues attacking colleagues either face to face or online.”

Our Take…

Lorenz is an egregious media hack who seek to sculpt and mold narratives and intend to sway opinion under the guise of reporting facts. In reality, hacks like Lorenz have little regards for facts or truth; she only cares about narrative.

As RedState’s Brandon Morse astutely points out:

In many ways, Washington Post writer Taylor Lorenz is a perfect example of today’s consummate leftist. She’s blinded by her own ideology to the point where self-awareness is now out of reach. She’s hypocritical to an absurd degree, self-important, and entitled.

Indeed, Lorenz is also a hypocrite, seeking sympathy for the “trauma” of being a journalist while simultaneous inflicting “trauma” of her own. Libs of Tik Tok is now receiving the same death threats Lorenz claimed to have gotten.

It’s no wonder that the Washington Post demoted Taylor Lorenz. It’s only a wonder that the Washington Post didn’t demote Taylor Lorenz sooner. Lorenz’s reporting of note has been nothing by trash stories with no real news value. Her garbage stories have resulted in targeted harassment to formerly private people. Rather than reporting news, Lorenz wants to control culture, targeting people whom she apparently feels should be “exposed.”

It’s good to see her she may have gotten a little come-uppance. But, for her part, Lorenz denies any sort of demotion.

Given the amount of journalistic malpractice Lorenz has committed, we’re better off siding with the reports over Lorenz’s word.

What do you think?

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