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VIDEO: Self-Righteous “Fredo” Loses Cool Over Trump-COVID “Propaganda”

Something About A Pot & Kettle Comes To Mind

Self-Righteous Chris Cuomo is a COVID Propagandist
Umm, Fredo? Did you forget all of this? (Photos - Screen Caps, CNN)

Last night, a self-righteous Chris “Fredo” Cuomo lost his cool over the sight of President Trump on the White House balcony without a mask after he returned from Walter Reed Hospital.

Chris Cuomo got really angry on his nightly CNN show after seeing footage of Donald Trump removing his mask on the White House balcony. So much so, that Cuomo went off on a sanctimonious rant:

If there’s anyone who knows about “re-shooting scenes” after COVID treatment, it’s “Fredo.” Surely, he remembers his staged “emergence” from his COVID isolation.

Just like he remembers getting caught out of quarantine in the Hamptons when he was “isolated.” We certainly remember – that won him “Buffoon of the Week!” a few months ago.

And if anyone knows about “propaganda”, it’s also “Fredo.” Who can forget the “softball” interviews with his brother, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo during the summer?

Our Take…

The lack of self-awareness would normally shock us. But this is Chris Cuomo we are talking about. So we’re not so shocked,

The unmitigated gall of this man is limitless. To call out President Trump’s return to the White House as “propaganda” is ludicrous coming from him. Chris Cuomo is the original COVID propagandist. He staged his “emergence” from his COVID isolation even though we all knew he broke his own quarantine. His Vaudeville act with his brother during the height of the crisis was shameful. Especially with thousands dying in New York nursing homes under his brother’s watch.

“Fredo” is the biggest offender when it comes to COVID propaganda.

To make matters worse, “Fredo” continues to lower the national discourse. CNN is the worldwide leader in intentionally using profanity on the news. Cuomo is front and center with that. Remember his profanity-laced tirade after being called “Fredo” in public?

Chris Cuomo has been one of the worst political buffoons of 2020, and is sure to be up for Buffoon of the Year. Add this latest hypocrisy to the growing number of examples.


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