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VIDEO: Murtaugh OWNED “Fredo” On His Own Show!

Murtaugh toches COVID-iot Fredo

Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh owned "Fredo" aka CNN"s Chris Cuomo on his own show, calling out Fredo's COVID hypocrisy.
Murtaugh brought receipts! (Screen Capture - CNN)

Trump campaign Communications Director Tim Murtaugh owned “Fredo”, a/k/a CNN’s Chris Cuomo, taking the host to school on his own show.

Murtaugh and Cuomo got into a fierce debate over President Donald Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. Murtaugh brought the receipts with him.

Calling out the “Cuomo Brothers Comedy Hour”, Murtaugh made “Fredo” look petty and dumb. All Cuomo could muster was a quip that his interviews with his brother were “funny.”

“Fredo” then got on his sanctimonious horse to attack the President about wearing a mask. Murtaugh immediately shot back about recent news that “Fredo” was reprimanded by his own apartment building for not wearing a mask. Murtaugh also called out Cuomo for breaking his own quarantine when he himself had contracted COVID-19. “Fredo” had the nerve to deny that point, to the shock of Murtaugh.

Things got so bad for “Fredo”, that it appeared that his own stage crew were not even listening to him anymore, and Cuomo looks and sounds more and more unhinged.

Our Take…

My goodness, Murtaugh owned “Fredo” so badly, that we think he’s still gotta be smartin’ from that epic beatdown.

Chris Cuomo is what we like to call a “COVID-iot.” He is a total hypocrite, demanding that people follow a set of rules that he refuses to follow. We saw that when he broke quarantine and attempt to “stage” his emergence from his basement. We saw it when his own apartment complex reprimanded him for breaking his own brother’s Executive Order.

It was so satisfying to see Murtaugh call “Fredo” out on his buffoonery. From the giant Q-Tip stunt to his personal hypocrisy, Murtaugh dressed down Fredo, who could only muster a lame quip or an angry retort with no substance.

Bravo for exposing a potential Buffoon of the Year candidate! The more we call out hypocrites, the better our civil discourse will become over time.


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