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VIDEO: White House Press LOSES IT at Pence COVID-19 Briefing!

Bunch of vultures.

The White House Press corps lost it when Vice President Mike Pence refused to answer questions concerning the election during a COVID-19 Briefing.
Vultures. Photo - Susan Walsh | AP

THe White House Press corps absolutely lost their cool during a COVID briefing by Vice President Mike Pence.

Take a look for yourself: Is this a press briefing or a “mostly peaceful” protest?

Keep in mind, this was a press conference to specifically address developments in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Yet, the press seem to be shouting about the election. That press conference happened elsewhere.

Priorities, people!

All this talk about democracy. They all remind me of when they themselves were undermining democracy. You know. That whole “Russia collusion” narrative that droned on for years and was never proven? Or did we memory hole the past 3-plus years?

Also, the last time we checked, contesting an election is still… constitutional. Didn’t we go through just the same thing 20 years ago? Where were all these cries about preserving democracy then?

Our Take…

This is unreal. Was this a pro-Biden protest or a press briefing?

The White House press corps looks like a bunch of petulant children who can’t get their way. What’s really crazy here is that the Trump campaign actually held a press conference laying out their “opening statement” to the press. There is a time and place for everything, folks. This COVID-19 briefing was not the time for election questions.

Since when does the press determine who is the President-Elect? Sure, if a candidate conceded before the vote is certified, then you have a President-Elect. But that is not the case here. The mainstream media needs to be put in check.

Let’s all watch to see if the media puts as much scrutiny on Joe Biden should he actually become President-Elect. That’s not likely, in our opinion. We think they’ll go back to being the lapdogs they always are to Democrats.

What do you think?

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