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COMPARE THE VIDEOS: “Mostly Peaceful Protest” Or “Mob-Like Scene”

Which is the "mostly peaceful protest" and which is a "Mob-Like Scene" to your eyes? Judge for yourself!
Stay safe out there - it looks brutal and violent. Oh wait... (Screen Capture - MSNBC)

The folks at want you to make the call and to compare videos. Which is the “mostly peaceful protest” and which is a “Mob-Like Scene” to your eyes?

Take a look and judge for yourself. Not The Bee allows you to compare and contrast a video from the Kenosha riots in August to crowds gathering in Detroit as counting continues in the Presidential election.

Some have already chimed in on Twitter.

One can only hope.

Our Take…

We actually covered this “mostly peaceful protest” story back in August as well that occurred in Kenosha. Back then, here is what we said:

[Media] is in total spin mode, with this attempt at narrative control being the latest piece of their propaganda puzzle. For months, CNN has pushed this “mostly peaceful” protest narrative in Portland and elsewhere.

Then, media turned course once word got out that Americans don’t look kindly on rioting.

But this latest characterization is patently ridiculous. The rhetoric is ratcheted up to 11 while we all await the counting of ballots across the nation, and the subsequent litigation that will most likely ensue.

It just goes to show you – after two national elections, media hasn’t learned a damn thing about this country.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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