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Twitter Removes UNHINGED Lincoln Project Tweet DOXXING Trump Attorneys

Honest Abe is rollin’ in his grave.

The thugs at the Lincoln Project strike again. This time, they doxxed Trump campaign attorneys in a since-deleted tweet.
Honest Abe would never do such a thing.

In yet another display of outrageous behavior, the Lincoln Project “doxxed” Trump attorneys in a tweet since deleted by Twitter.

Here is a photo of the offending tweet from NotTheBee:

“Doxxing” is the practice of publishing non-public information about someone and encouraging social media followers to act recklessly. “Doxxing” is a clear violation of Twitter’s rules, and the post has since been deleted.

Our Take…

This is unhinged behavior. The Lincoln Center intended to threaten these attorneys. The Lincoln Project’s intent is especially evident given the skull and crossbones emoji and the “make them famous” line it included.

What a bunch of thugs.

This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered politicos “doxxing” people with whom they disagree. “Doxxing” is a horrible tactic that has the potential to cause real harm to the targets and their loved ones.

Look at that pirate flag emoji – does the Lincoln Project think they are being cute or something? In these charged political times, We all should hold the Lincoln Project accountable should anything happen to those attorneys.

The Lincoln Project wants to make people famous? Let’s make the Lincoln Project famous by getting the word out about this kind of underhanded, shady crap.

What do you think?

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