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Cardi B Spreading Her… “FAKE” Tweets To EMBARRASS Candace Owens?

Everyone’s Actin’ A FOOL!

Cardi B Candace Owens
They never know when to leave the hell enough alone!

A renewed Twitter spat between Cardi B and Candace Owens turned nasty when the Grammy winner shared screen caps of a tweet Owens claims is false and actionable.

The two, who have had past beefs against each other, squared off again over Owens’s opinion of Cardi B’s grammy performance. Perform her song “WAP”, Cardi B grinded all over the Grammy stage, which included a lewd dance number complete with stripper pole. Owens appears on Tucker Carlson’s show to express her opinion:

But Dr. Seuss, The Muppets, and Mr. Potato Head is traumatizing to kids. Yikes.

But, back to Cardi B, she took to twitter to respond to Owens’s commentary on Fox News, which prompted a renewed Twitter battle.

But the online fight turned too real when Cardi B tweeted this:

Don’t Worry… if anything gets taken down, we screen capped it all!

Owens responded in kind:

And then came the legal threats. “Are you dead serious right now trying to substantiate a photoshopped tweet?” said Owens. “Asking one more time before I get the lawyers to make you publicly admit you’re lying and embarrass yourself.” Cardi B replied, “This wasn’t photoshopped you was trending the whole day when you tweeted this and it was published on a lot of blog outlets .Your right mine sleeps around yours sleeps at yours sleep at your home with your brother C*** BOXING while you tweet me.”

And shortly thereafter, it was on.

Our Take…

What a bunch of buffoonery. These two deserve each other.

This is why taking the “high road” is always better. We understand that Candace Owens gets paid for contributing her opinion to the public discourse. That’s fine. But, why then go at it online with your target du jour?

And Cardi B should have just shut all the way up. If you’re an artist, focus on the people wo appreciate your art. But, realize that once your art is out in the world, it is up for public debate and interpretation. It takes on a life of its own. There will be people who see it as you like, and people who see it as perverse vulgarity. Deal with it.

But this 18-hour long confrontation? That was the wrong way to handle it. Both took it too far for the same reason: self-promotion. Each is using the other to increase their personal and professional visibility. It’s not surprising that one of them crossed the line. So now, enter the lawyers: A sure way for everything to get messed up.

One sure sign that you done messed up is getting mentioned on this site.

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