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VIDEO: Eva Longoria UNDER FIRE For “Real Heroines” Comment

Even the “Woke” Aren’t “Woke” Enough!

Actress Eva Longoria was made to apologize for saying that Latinas supported Biden, which was interpreted as a slight to Black women.
How dare you not be woke enough! (Screen Capture - DNC)

In another example of “wokeness” turning on itself, actress Eva Longoria is under fire for comments made on MSNBC calling Latinas the “real heroines” of the 2020 election.

First, here are her comments:

Next, here’s the “woke” outrage”

And now, the apology:

“Watching this back I can see that this sounds like I’m comparing Latinas to Black women, which I would never do,” Longoria wrote Sunday on Instagram. “I was comparing Latinas to their male counterparts, but my wording was not clear and I deeply regret that.

“Black women have long been the backbone of the Democratic Party, something we have seen played out in this election as well as previous ones. Black women deserve a standing ovation for the work they have done year after year!! … Again, so sorry for the confusion and lack of context on my part.”

Our Take…

The post-election season is only a week old and already, we see the “triumphant” left in a circular firing squad.

Let’s take Longoria at her word that she was comparing the response of Latinas to Latino men – even though they were never brought up in the interview. In every “successful” election, every group in a coalition takes credit. It’s only natural for Longoria to point to the contributions of her “tribe”.

It’s also only natural for other “tribes” to express their opinion about winners and losers. The “tribe” of Black women, especially those in the grassroots in Georgia, rightfully have much to brag about, given their struggles.

But take a good look, America: it’s this kind of tribalism that a majority have “apparently” voted to put in power.

Not that we here at Buffoon of the Week are complaining. In fact, we look forward to the years of content they are going to provide!

What do you think?

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