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Video Reminds Bernie Sanders Who Supports Defunding The Police

Don’t Let Socialist Memory Hole Their Buffoonery!

Bernie Sanders claims to know no one who support de-funding the police. The Washington Free Beacon provides a refresher for his memory hole.
"I know nothing!"

A video published by the Washington Free Beacon reminds Sen. Bernie Sanders who supports the “Defund The Police” movement. Amazingly, Sanders told CNN’s Jake Tapper that he doesn’t know anyone who actually does.

Here’s the video – it seems that a lot of supporters of Bernie Sanders also support de-funding the police. That makes his “selective amnesia” even more curious.

Let’s give credit where it’s due – great job by Alex Nester and David Rutz.

Seems like there are a lot of Bernie supporters that want to “de-fund the police”.

Our Take…

Everyone can see the buffoonery of dumb, socialist ideas when people like Sanders and the Squad lay them bare. We’re sure that Sanders’s backtrack will be part of a new “marketing” strategy to call de-funding the police something else. Something like “police reform”, or “de-escalation” or “fund re-distribution.” But, it will all be the same bad idea.

Sanders is using a popular technique called the “memory hole”. You may also know it as “selective amnesia“. Because information is bombarding us in a 24-hour news cycle, you may forget or mis-remember details like names and places. Sanders wants you to forget who supported this very unpopular idea. Especially in light of news that many in Congress believe that supporting this stupid idea almost cost Democrats the 2020 election.

Don’t let anyone forget. Thanks to the Washington Free Beacon, no one will be forgetting anytime soon.

What do you think?

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