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CNN’s Amanpour Latest to Liken Trump To Nazis… This Week!

Godwin’s Law Strikes Again!

CNN's Christiane Amanpour is the latest person to compare President Donald Trump and his administration to Nazi Germany.
Sooner or later, everyone's a Nazi (Screen Capture - CNN)

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour is the latest personality to liken President Donald Trump to the Nazis.

You’d think anti-Trumpers would have found another comparison by now. Watch as Amanpour makes her buffoonish point.

That wasn’t even the only Nazi reference made this week! Food Network personality Alton Brown also went with full-on Nazi references when he alluded to possible “re-education” camps for Trump supporters in a Biden administration. Brown later apologized for the “flippant” reference.

But, back to Amanpour, many took exception to her clearly pre-meditated statement, that included imagery played over her statement:

Our Take…

Godwin’s Law in full effect. We discussed this back when Debra Messing tried to use a fake photo of Hitler to attack President Trump on Twitter. Godwin’s Law states that as an online discussion progresses, it becomes inevitable that someone or something will eventually be compared to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis, regardless of the original topic. So far, this law has held up more than once this year both online and offline.

It’s amazing how no anti-defamation group has called out Amanpour. Clearly, they hypocrites at CNN – home of phrases like “mostly peaceful” protests during the year – will not call her out. Though, hall monitors like Brian Stelter would be quick to call out other networks who would have done it, right?

Clearly, many anti-Trumpers feel that Joe Biden’s apparent electoral victory gives them free license to actually show their true colors. Those colors paint them as hateful people who take extreme positions that are contrary to facts.

Regardless of the results of the election, President Donald Trump improved his margins with just about every minority group. Pardon me for saying so, but that probably makes him the worst “Nazi” in history. In fact, that would make him the opposite of Nazis. He did so through pushing reforms that helped minorities.

Yet, the loonies on the left and those who haven’t admitted that they are on the left who hate Trump can’t see past this past their own blinding hate. Maybe that’s a good thing, because in their blindness, they expose who they really are and how they really think.


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