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New Photos Reveal Newsom’s COVID Hypocrisy

We’re Surrounded by COVID-IOTS!

Gov. Gavin Newsom is a COVID-iot who not only broke his own lockdown to party with a lobbyist, but also did so indoors, new photos reveal.
Yet another COVID-iot. (Source: Fox LA 11)

New photos sent to a news station by an anonymous source reveal California Governor Gavin Newsom’s COVID-19 hypocrisy.

Our story begins with Newsom attending a birthday party for a lobbyist amid his own growing COVID lockdown.

Newsom eventually apologized for his lack of judgment, claiming that the party itself was seated outdoors.

Then, an anonymous diner at the same restaurant provided photos to the Fox Los Angeles affiliate. The photos show that “outdoor dining” may mean something different to Newsom than it does to the rest of us.

The photos show Newsom dining with several people in an enclosed area with a sliding door. The anonymous diner claimed that the restaurant closed the sliding doors for most of the evening due to noise complaints.

Our Take…

What a COVID-iot! Newsom may be the biggest COVID hypocrite since Jim Kenney fled Philadelphia to dine indoors in Maryland.

Talk about a lack of moral leadership. Californians would be totally justified in questioning Newsom’s growing lockdowns, given his own person disregard.

Newsom may have apologized, but it seems he may have also misled his constituents. Which is par for the course when it comes to many leadership in the age of COVID. There are so many who insist that you, the little people, do as they say, not as they do.

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