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Oblivious Brian Stelter Lives In An Alternate Universe

Earth Calling Buffoons…. Come in, Buffoons.

CNN Brian Stelter
The face of lack of self-awareness

If you ever wanted to know what living in your own bubble looks like, look no further than this video of  an oblivious Brian Stelter and his guests, who seemingly live in their own alternate universe. 

CNN’s resident hall monitor, Stelter asks one of the most dubious questions on network news in recent memory:  is there a network tearing down Donald Trump?  

Yeah, Brian. You’re on it. 

And right on cue, one of his guests answers no.  And the responses flowed like wine. 

And by the way, we should note that Stelter is, again, 100% incorrect. Conservative media is not the only side questioning Joe Biden’s competency. Those questions are coming from all sides.

Looks like more than one outlet is questioning Biden’s competency to us.

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