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What Did Comey Know & When Did He Know It?

I saw nothing. I heard nothing. I know nothing.

What did Comey Know and When Did He Know It?
All of a sudden, Comey is suffering from "selective memory" issues. (Photo - CNBC)

After Jim Comey’s latest testimony before the U.S. Senate concerning his role in authorizing FISA application warrants during the Trump-Russia investigation, many are left wondering what did Jim Comey know, and when did he know it.

FISA, or The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, is a roughly 40-year-old federal law limiting how U.S. spy agencies can monitor Americans’ communications. first passed in the wake of 1970s Congressional investigations into privacy violations by the three-letter spy agencies. Most famously, it established a secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to vet wiretaps and other monitoring of foreign agents within the United States.

Comey’s testimony was fraught with evasive answers. Incredibly, Comey claimed that he had no memory of crucial dates, times and moments during the course of the investigation in the Trump campaigns possible ties to Russia. Remember, this is an investigation for which he was personally in charge, and for which he signed off on misleading documents submitted to the FISA Court.

Here’s a quick “Supercuts” sample of what Comey testified to beofre the Senate.

Republican Senators were incredulous with Comey’s failures in supervising one of the biggest investigations in American history. Sen. Mike Lee slammed Comey for the FBI’s abusive manner in which it treated the FISA process. Sen. Ted Cruz went as far as to call Comey “deliberately corrupt.”

Sen. Hawley was especially pointed and tactical in his examination. Here, Comey tried to minimize his role as almost a “rubber stamp”.

Our Take…

This looks like “selective amnesia.” Like a rat jumping from a sinking ship. Comey is trying to minimize his own role in what is plain to see was an improper, and possibly illegal, investigation.

Look at what happened on Comey’s watch:

  • Comey’s FBI used a suspect dossier paid for by an opposition party to a then-Presidential candidate as a predicate to get warrants to spy on American citizens.
  • Said dossier used false information that even the sub-source, who may have been a Russian spy, disavowed.
  • The FBI apparently knowingly kept the courts in the dark on all of the above when obtaining warrants to spy. And the cherry on the sundae?
  • Comey’s FBI falsified documents submitted to a court to order to obtain warrants to spy on a political campaign, resulting in one conviction. So far.

Talk about dereliction of duty.

Isn’t it amazing that Comey kept copious notes giving almost a minute-by-minute record of his interactions with President Trump, but knows nothing about his own investigation. This smacks of plausible deniability. Comey didn’t ever want to know so he can say, at this time, that he didn’t know.

Either way, it’s hard to believe that the head of the FBI wasn’t told of these problems. Seems important considering the magnitude of the investigation, doesn’t it?

Let’s see if someone comes forward who suddenly remembers telling Comey about all these important things that he can’t remember.

It’s official. James Comey is a Buffoon. His “win at all cost” mentality that we’ve seen on display from Trump opponents even this past week will define his tainted legacy.

Whether he will be a Buffoon in big time trouble is another story for another day.

What do you think?

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