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VIDEOS: How Do Media Buffoons Not Know Trump’s Record on White Supremacy?

Creating a Perception Outside of Reality

How do these media buffoons not even remember their own reporting on President Trump denouncing white supremacy?
See no denouncement, hear no denouncement, report no denouncement.

In all of the fallout of Trump’s remarks at the first Presidential debate this week, we have to ask: how does the mainstream media not know President Donald Trump’s statements on record denouncing white supremacy.

Let’s go through the media’s latest instances of malpractice one at a time.

John Roberts – Fox News

Fox News’s John Roberts threw a fit over online backlash to his questions during a recent WH press conference.

Roberts decided to keep pressing the White House on denouncing racism even though press secretary Kayleigh McEnany noted that President Trump have done so on several occasions. Here is one of them from 2019:

Not to mention, President Trump recently promised to designate the KKK as a terrorist organization. That’s seems like a strong denunciation to me!

Jim Acosta – CNN

CNN’s Jim Acosta posted this tweet last night.

Apparently, ol’ Jim forgot about this little tweet from 2017.

How ridiculous is that – the media can’t even keep their own reporting straight! Jim Acosta has officially become a caricature of a journalist.

Chris Wallace – Fox News

Finally, we have Chris Wallace. Wallace improperly framed a debate question that contained the verified lie that President Trump called racists “very fine people” after Charlottesville.

Let’s not forget Trump’s immediate response to Chris Wallace’s question.

Wallace’s question and Biden’s answer were based on a false premise. Yet it was amplified when Wallace asked President Trump if he was willing to denounce “white supremacists and militia groups,” and Trump answered “sure, I’m willing to do that,” before moving the discussion to left-wing violence. Somehow “sure” was not translated into a yes answer by some observers, and the president was left on the defensive again. Some prominent Republicans are urging the president to unequivocally denounce white supremacy, as he previously has time and time again.

A simpler and more direct answer would have been that yes President Trump denounces white supremacists and militia groups, has always denounced them, and always will. Because that is the truth.

James S. Robbins, USA TODAY

Here’s yet another example from 2017:

Trump On The Record Pre-Presidency

Luckily, the internet is forever. There are several examples online of President Trump denouncing white supremacy. Even before he was President, Trump did not show racist tendencies:

Our Take…

Do you want to know how the mainstream media missed all of this? They didn’t. They ignored it. Plain and simple.

That’s why John Roberts get backlash for pressing his inquiry – it’s already been answered.

And, that’s why people laugh at Jim Acosta – he is willfully ignorant of his own coverage.

That’s also why people scoff of Chris Wallace – he was either ignorant of a debate topic (and therefore unprepared) or he intentionally used a question with a known false premise.

No one personality in media and politics has been more maligned on such a highly sensitive issue as this President that we can remember. Trump has a long documented history of denouncing white supremacy and racist. Even so-called “independent fact checkers” concede this.

The media won’t concede. Because clicks = currency. The amount of coverage this one topic alone has generated in a 72-hour period is astounding.

Let this be a lesson to everyone – don’t trust any media filters. Go to primary sources. Look up transcripts. Find the words that people actually say.

Avoid the spin, and you’ll never get dizzy.


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