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Everybody Hates Chris: Wallace Under Fire From All Sides Post-Debate

Definitely NOT “Fair and Balanced”

Everybody Hates Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace did himself no service with his failure to moderate the first Presidential debate of 2020. (Photo - USA Today)

Fox News host Chris Wallace is under fire from all sides of the political spectrum on Tuesday night for bias behavior in the first Presidential debate in favor of Democrat Joe Biden and against Republican President Donald Trump.

For those who somehow missed it: the first debate between former Vice President Biden and President Trump degraded into a knock-down drag-out bar fight. the candidates talked over each other, and cast aspersions, including Biden calling Trump a “clown.” The debate devolved under the watch of Fox News’s Chris Wallace.

But Wallace’s own behavior throughout the debate did himself no favors. Let’s survey the “hot takes” from the Twitter landscape. Much of the backlash concern Wallace’s uneven treatment of the two candidates.

Yikes. That’s a hot take if we ever saw one.

Part of the criticism was Wallace’s intrusive manner of brushing topics aside right when some actual information was coming out.

Others had issues with the way he framed his questions. Especially Wallace’s misquote of President Trump concerning Charlottesville, which was widely debunked.

And then there’s Wallace joining in on laughing at President Trump during the debate.

But the criticism was not limited to President Trump’s supporters. Many thought leaders on the left criticized Wallace for his lack of control.

Our Take…

There are so many more reactions that we could have included, but you get the idea. Chris Wallace seemed ill-informed, unprepared and, at times, biased towards Joe Biden. Yes, we can understand his frustration in a debate that looked like herding feral cats, but he damaged his own reputation for objectivity by among other things, sharing a laugh with Joe Biden at President Trump’s expense, and spreading misinformation concerning Charlottesville. This whole sad occasion was buffoonery of the highest order, and as the moderator of this failure, Wallace is the head buffoon.

You’d expect this kind of behavior from CNN or other outlets who, by all objective standards, have shown their bias toward one ideology time and again. You can handle that sort of rhetoric in a political commentary panel, but not during a Presidential debate.


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  1. Buffoon of the Week Staff,

    I usually love your commentary but you even outdid yourselves on this one! Great choice (among such vast buffoonery from which to choose) and you hit it out of the park….:)



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