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WATCH: Marshall Professor Hopes Trump Voters DIE!

What kind of biology class is this?!?

Jennifer Mosher, An Assistant Professor of Biology at Marshall University, told her online class that she hopes that all Trump supporters die before the 2020 Election.
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An assistant college professor at Marshall University in WV has been placed on administrative leave for a video making the rounds of her online class where she calls for the death of all Trump voters prior to the 2020 election.

Jennifer Mosher, a professor of biology at Marshall University, boasted during a class, “I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die. … I hope they all die before the election.

See the video below:

Our Take…

This is something we’ve seen before – the politicization of education. What in the world does the election have to do with a biology class? This is yet another perfect example of a useful idiot indoctrinating students. How welcome these views would be at a West Virginia school, a state which Trump carried in 2016, is anyone’s guess. You’re wishing death on your neighbors? Many of whom may have sent their children to your school?

Academicians of all stripes love to opine from their hallowed halls and attempt to convert young minds to their skewed way of thinking. This is absolute ridiculousness.


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  1. She probably has a few Repulican students and she just told them she hopes he died. I can smell the pizza on her breath from hear, she looks to have a few more glaring problems with that mouth.



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