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Teaching History Is… Racist?

To Racists, Everything is Racist.

LaShawn Ford
Illinois State Rep. LaShawn Ford - Curtesy NBC Chicago

Imagine being so “woke”, that you call for the end of all history lessons. That’s exactly what Illinois State Rep. LaShawn Ford wants to do.

According to NBC Chicago, leaders gathered to ask that the Illinois State Board of Education to change the history curriculum at schools statewide, and temporarily halt instruction until an alternative is decided upon. Among them was State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford, who went a step further:

At a news conference, State Rep. LaShawn K. Ford said current history teachings lead to a racist society and overlook the contributions of women and minorities.

NBC Chicago –

Ford asked school districts to immediately remove history curriculum and books that… get this…”unfairly communicate” history “until a suitable alternative is developed.”

You know, like…. fiction.

Yes, all the history that we have is wrong – let’s go back and re-write it all! Where’s my time machine – I need to go look at it all again!

So in the space of about a week, we’ve been told that teaching grammar is racist – and now history is as well! How long until we’re told math is racist?

Wait… that happened already, too.

How did we adults grow up to be such upstanding citizens with all this racism we were taught. It’s a mirace, isn’t it?

Those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it. And those who willfully wish to cancel our history are also Buffoons.


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