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Lightfoot Calls for Civility After Cursing Out Justice Thomas

What a Hypocrite!

Cursing out Justice Thomas

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot hypocritically called out toxic political discourse days after cursing out Justice Clarence Thomas.

According to Newsweek, Lightfoot made the comment on Monday after the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois:

“The toxicity in our public discourse is a thing that I think we should all be concerned about,” Lightfoot added. “We have got to focus on what brings us together and not what tears us apart, and we’ve got to get back to respect for each other and respect for community. That’s the thing that concerns me the most over the arc of the last two years.”

Lightfoot’s comments come on the heels of her own vitriol, cursing out Justice Thomas at a pro-abortion rally as part of her “call to arms”:

LIghtfoot then doubled down on her hateful remarks:

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Lightfoot used the same, ‘I said what I said’ headline in a fundraising appeal for campaign contributions.

Our Take…

This is the height of hypocrisy.

Much like Sen. Warren’s apparent call for violence outside of the Supreme Court, Lightfoot likewise stoked the fires of division. You don’t get to do that, and then decry the lack of civil discourse.

Not only is he is a hypocrite, but she tried to raise money off of the same hatred that she subsequently called out. Rules for you, none for Lightfoot.

Mayor Lightfoot: you’re part of the problem! Cursing out Justice Thomas on a huge stage during a rally does not invite civility.

The problems with Buffoons like Lori Lightfoot is that they simply do not care anymore. You can have “mostly peaceful” protests, just not in front of her house. You must be civil, but she can curse out Justice Thomas. And, then the audacity to raise money off of her hypocrisy! Unfortunately, this is to be expected in one-party strongholds like Chicago. There is no viable alternative for the voters there.

When cities like Chicago cannot offer up a viable opposition to hypocritical Buffoons, there is no quick fix. But, that does not mean that you stop calling out hypocrites like Lightfoot.

If Lightfoot wants a return to civility, then maybe she should start with herself.

What do you think?

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