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Dem House Candidate Sorry For Boozin’ At Sleepover

Apologized On TV… Not In Person

House Candidate Drunk

A Democratic House candidate apologized for drunkenly using profanity toward young girls at a family sleepover. 

According to journalism nonprofit NonDoc, parents of the 12- and 13-years-olds say that Oklahoma candidate Abby Broyles got drunk and accosted the young girls during a family sleepover. They told the outlet that a drunken Broyles called one young girl an “acne f—er,” another a “Hispanic f—er” and another a “judgy f—er.”

Boyles initially denied the accusations, but later took responsibility for the situation in a television interview. Broyles told KFOR that she suffered an adverse reaction to a combination of sleep medication and drinking wine.

“Instead of helping me sleep, I hallucinated,” Broyles said. “And I don’t remember anything until I woke up or came to, and I was throwing up in a hamper.”

Interestingly enough, the public apology preceded any private one. Sarah Matthews, one of the parents who reported Broyles’s bad behavior, took her story to Twitter:

Broyles plans to run against Republican incumbent Stephanie Bice.

Our Take…

Inappropriate behavior? Broyles is already prepared for Congress!

In all seriousness, Broyles seemingly cares more about politics than friendship. That she apologized in grand fashion on television after the story broke yet hasn’t apologized to the young girls involved is telling of her character.

However, the racist tinge of Broyles’s tirade is similarly disturbing. Perhaps that it is why there are reports surfacing that Democrats are looking for a new candidate. Deon Osbourne of the Black Wall Street Times reports that Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairwoman Alicia Andrews has put out the call to find candidates, but did not call for Broyles to step down as a candidate. But, Andrews did allude further to Broyles’s situation.

All in all, Broyles surely learned a valuable lesson: that it is the cover-up, not the act, that really gets you.

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