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VIDEO: AOC Parties In Florida As COVID In NYC Skyrockets

Rules for thee, None for AOC

Rules for thee, none for AOC

New video has emerged of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) partying mask-less in Florida as COVID-19 cases in AOC’s home of New York City skyrockets daily.

National Review’s Brittany Bernstein broke the news over the holiday break that AOC had been spotted with her boyfriend in Miami Beach enjoying a mask-less good time. The news came as “New York City reported a record number of new, confirmed cases of Covid-19 (almost 44,000).”

Now, days later, a new video from FL Voice News’s founder Brendon Leslie show AOC still in Florida sans mask taking in a drag show.

Our Take…

Just like anyone else, AOC is entitled to take a vacation. While on vacation in Florida, AOC is not breaking any rules by not wearing a mask. But those statements are both besides the point. As Leslie later said on Twitter:

We’ll take Leslie’s point one step further. We here at Buffoon of the Week also care about this because of her personal double standard. Remember when Sen. Ted Cruz traveled to Cancun with his family in the middle of a Texas state of emergency? AOC has no shortage of words for Cruz’s error in judgment.

Oh, and this, too.

Pepperidge Farms remembers this as well, AOC.

Regardless of whether AOC used her AmTrak points for her jaunt to Florida, she should be raked over the coals for nearly the same transgression. Is it no less of a state emergency that AOC’s party in the sun winter comes as the “People’s Republic of” New York City endures record-high numbers of COVID-19 cases? The New York Post reported more than 40,000 new infections on Thursday alone. Why does she get to play in the sun while her city forces strict mask and vaccine mandates?

Once again, it’s rules for thee, and none for AOC. What a buffoonish hypocrite.

What do you think?

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