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Is Alyssa Milano Running For Congress?!? WE HOPE SO!


A recent tweet has us questioning if perennial buffoon Alyssa Milano is running for Congress. Boy, do we hope so!
Do It, Alyssa! We need easy editorial decisions!

A recent tweet and some comments have us questioning if perennial buffoon Alyssa Milano is running for Congress. Boy, do we hope so!

As first reported by The Hill, left0wing Twitter nutjob Alyssa Milano may seek to transition from Hollywood to the House, saying she’s “considering” a congressional run in 2024.

“I’m looking at California’s 4th District to potentially run against [Rep. Tom] McClintock (R),” said Milano.

California’s 4th District seems to be firmly in the control of Republicans, as McClintock won re-election in 2020 with 56% of the vote. The district also went to former President Trump over President Biden by the even wider margin of 9 points.

Milano has hinted in the past that politics may be in her future, but that she wanted to wait until her kids were older. But clearly, she has McClintock in her sights.

Our Take

Do it, Alyssa.

Not because we think that you’re qualified for the job. And certainly not because we agree with your zany politics.

We want you to do it for the pure hilarity of it all! Can you imagine the amount of daily content we’ll have every time you open your stupid mouth up on the campaign trail?

Yes, your money and name recognition may make up the 10 points or so that you need to be competitive. But, a fool and her money are easily parted. So, please: spend that money.

We can’t wait to call out your past bigoted tendencies, Alyssa. You have a record on social media a mile long that we can play with for months. We’re excited to see how you’ll add to your Buffoon of the Year pedigree. And oh boy… we are waiting with bated breath for Rose McGowan destroying your candidacy every chance she gets.

So please oh please: parade around in your crocheted mask wearing a Handmaid’s outfit claiming to be part of #MeToo while you pal around with Joe Biden and his uncomfortable proclivity for touching women. We’re here for ALL of it.

Just do it, Alyssa.

What do you think?

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