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VIDEOS: Biden Gaffe Machine Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Joe’s Got A Chronic Foot-in-Mouth Problem!

The Biden Gaffe Machine
The BIden Gaffe Machine rolled into Kenosha, and didn't disappoint. (Mark Makela Getty)

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s latest two gaffes further prove that the “Biden Gaffe Machine” remains the gift that keeps on giving.

Lost in news of Nancy Pelosi’s salon adventures and claims of a right wing conspiracy were Joe Biden’s latest gaffes. Biden added two more verbal miscues to his reputation of being susceptible to verbal gaffes.

First, there’s this clip from The Daily Caller. In this video, Joe Biden is summarizing his tax plan to a crown in Kenosha, Wisconsin:

“They’ll shoot me”

As has been reported widely, Kenosha is the site of recent gun violence garneringnational attention. Specifically, the shooting incident involving 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse during nightly violence remains fresh as Biden stumbles verbally.

Then, there’s this gem from Breitbart, where Biden is pandering for votes with some suspect facts:

“A black guy invented the light bulb, not a white guy named Edison.”

Yeah… that’s fake news.

While we can only assume that Biden is referring to Lewis Latimer, a significant inventor that played a significant role in refining the light bulb while working with Edison, as well as developing a patented design for the telephone, there is no dispute that Edison invented the light bulb.

Our Take…

Bless his heart, this is why Biden’s handlers didn’t want him to leave his basement. Because when left to his own thoughts, Joe Biden routines insert foot into mouth regardless of whether he is wearing a mask.

These two latest examples will lead to further questions about Biden’s mental faculties. Let’s be clear – we’re not making any medical diagnosis here, but much like with Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress, it is fair to say that Joe Biden is not on his “A” game anymore. Though, Biden was a gaffe machine even when on his “A” game!

Get your Biden Gaffe Machine drinking game ready fort he debate! They’re sure to be a hoot!


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