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D’OH! Abrams Quickly Deletes Photo Of Her Unmasked With Masked Children

Responds With Agenda Gymanstics & Hypocrisy

Stacey Abrams photo masks
This is what hypocrisy looks like

Stacey Abrams sparked a social media backlash after posting and quickly deleting a photo of her sitting unmasked surrounded by many mask-wearing school children.

The Georgia Democrat posed for the photo at Glennwood School in Atlanta. As you can see, the children are all wearing masks while the former gubernatorial candidate is not. The photo made the rounds on the weekend.

Abrams has been a vocal critic of GA Gov. Brian Kemp, who defeated Abrams in 2018, on the issue of masking. Abrams attacked Kep, claiming that he had shown “absolutely no competency” for blocking local mask mandates during the Covid-19 pandemic. Abrams also attacked Kemp for “thwarting” attempts to make masks compulsory.

“He is too afraid of the consequences of leadership to actually demonstrate any,” she said. “He continues to fiddle while Rome burns,” Abrams then said on MSNBC in 2020. “This is not a man who’s capable of leadership.”

Kemp took to Twitter to point out Abram’s hypocrisy:

As did former Georgia Senator, David Perdue:

In the wake of the widespread criticism in response to the photo, Abrams played the victim:

“It is shameful that our opponents are using a Black History Month reading event for Georgia children as the impetus for a false political attack.

Abrams also engaged in some “whataboutism”:

It is pitiful and predictable that our opponents continue to look for opportunities to distract from their failed records when it comes to protecting public health during the pandemic.”

Our Take…

Why is it so hard for politicians to take ownership of their mistakes? We recently saw Robert Reich blame “conservatives” for his tweet about slapping AZ Sen. Krysten Sinema. Now, we have this Abrams nonsense.

Abrams could have simply said “my mistake” with an explanation of how she absent-mindedly forgot to put on her mask. But, she didn’t, which falls in line with her history of failing to accept reality.

Instead, Abrams not only claims that she did nothing wrong, but tries to make her race the issue. How dishonest. What does her failure to wear a mask have to do with her skin tone?

Also notice how Abrams’s agenda gymnastics. She plays politics by accusing her opponents of playing politics. This is classic “spin doctor” nonsense meant to confuse the uninitiated. Basically, Abrams want you to pay no attention to her buffoonery, and instead look at those pointing out her buffoonery!

Is this Abrams’s idea of leadership? Pointing fingers and playing the victim? Talk about hypocrisy.

What do you think?

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