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“LYING FRAUD”: Candace Owens Calls Out Cardi B On Twitter

Getting HEATED on Labor Day Weekend!

Candace Owens Calls Out Cardi B
Candace Owens calls out Cardi B on Twitter, and it was epic (Photo - TMZ / Getty)

Conservative commentator Candace Owens called out Hip-Hop singer Cardi B on Twitter in an all-out war of words on Twitter.

Here we thought that we’d take a nice relaxing three-day weekend for Labor Day. But apparently, buffoonery never takes a holiday! While Twitchy has done a better job than we could ever do in giving the blow-by-blow between these two, here are some of the highlights… or should we call them low lights… of the interaction.

It all started with Owens calling out Joe Biden for pandering to the African-American community by sitting down for an “interview” with her.

After Owens posted the above from her interview with Ben Shapiro, Cardi B chimed in:

The conversation devolved from there.

And it just. Kept. Going.

There’s more. But you get the idea by now.

Our Take…

Goodness, the Buffoonery is strong with this one. You know, we hate to bring up the racist connotation of the definition of “buffoonery”, in which some believe that the word conjures images of minstrels and the demeaning roles that black entertainers were limited to for over 100 years. But an argument can be made that Owens believes that Biden’s campaign sees Cardi B that way, and that Biden and his campaign are using Cardi B to pander to her audience. This wouldn’t be the first time that Biden has had questionable interactions on race.

For her part, Cardi B becomes an “agenda gymnast”, excusing the high taxes that she herself complained about in the past while supporting a old white guy who has been in power for the better part of 50 years and is an architect of the very system that many believe is fraught with systemic racism. YOu can see more of that in the link to Twitchy we highlighted early.

So don’t get it twisted, that “agenda gymnastics”, along with Cardi B’s apparent anger and obsession with posting about Owens for hours after the initial exchange, are why we call her a Buffoon.

What do you think?

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