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IDIOT! Look At Buffoonish S.C. Pol In Deleted “Terrorist” Photo

Because All “Terrorists” Look Alike?

Tommy Newell in Middle Eastern dress
Buffoons Playing "Terrorist" in a "Training Exercise" (Courtesy - Facebook)

A councilman from South Carolina is receiving local backlash for posting a Facebook photo of himself dressing up as a “terrorist” in Middle Eastern garb. He has since deleting the photo.

Luckily, the internet is forever, and someone snagged the Facebook post and gave it to WCSC Live 5 News:

There are a lot of questions and not many answers after a Berkeley County councilman posted a picture of himself and several others dressed in traditional middle eastern clothing.

Berkeley County Councilman Tommy Newell posted the picture on Facebook which has now been deleted.

Newell said in the Facebook post that he was “honored” to play the role of a terrorist in a training exercise.

It is unclear what “training exercise” that Newell is referring to in the post. But, it is certainly buffoonery to dress in stereotypical clothing t depict a “terrorist.” As we have all learned form history, anyone can look like a terrorist.

Check out the full deleted posting below.

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