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WATCH: “How Is It That Bill Clinton Hasn’t Been Canceled?”

Scott Jennings breaks up CNN’s Clinton love-fest

Jennings: Why hasn't Bill Clinton been canceled?
Republican strategist Scott Jennings broke up CNN's Clinton love fest (Screenshot - CNN)

During CNN’s coverage of the abyssmal DNC, Scott Jennings, a regular CNN Contributor and a Republican strategist, broke up the love-in hosted by Anderson Cooper. While waiting for former President Bill Clinton’s remarks, Jennings asked why Bill Clinton has not been “canceled” given his past sexual misconduct.

Before Jennings weighed in, Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granolm could not hide her exuberance, with Van Jones yelling “PREACH!” in the background as she talked about how excited she is. Oh, how they love their Clintons!

After Jennings weighed in, Granholm went from exuberance to exasperation for having to address former President Clinton’s admitted dalliances in the Oval Office. The best Van Jones could come up with was that Clinton had made the obligatory apology tour.

But Jennings’s point stands. How do Democrats get to claim the high ground on character over President Trump while trotting out Bill Clinton? Also, Clinton has the benefit of having his transgressions exposed in the time before the #MeToo movement and the rise of “cancel culture”. When are today’s accused allowed to do an apology tour and be allowed back into mainstream life?

CNN ducked the question.

How are people like AOC and the “new” radically progressive Democrats going to justify their association with such people as they crusade for social justice. That should be a hit to her #MeToo credentials.

CNN’s silence is deafening.

Furthermore, with the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell drama playing out in public, Bill Clinton’s name has been closely associated with those shocking allegations. Where is the consternation of these principled Democrats while another cloud of uncertainty hangs over Bill Clinton’s head?

CNN offers nothing but a side step. And cheers for their “big dog”. It’s like we said, they live in an “alternate universe” at CNN.


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