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DISGUSTING! #wrongtrump Trends After Death of Robert Trump

Twitter brings out the worst in humanity.

Robert Trump
Robert Trump Celebrates with His Brother President Donald Trump (Courtesy - Getty)

Upon the news of the passing of Robert Trump, younger brother of President Donald Trump, condolences poured onto social media. Even President Trump’s adversary, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, expressed his condolences.

But, some trolls on social media couldn’t help but bemoan the news, as they wished it was President Trump who had died instead.

Clearly, this is further proof that whenever you wish to find the political scum of the earth, look no further than Twitter. Among the wretched is  Bishop Talbert Swan, who is a pastor and president of the NAACP in Springfield, MA. And, as you can see, a helleva class act.

Then, there’s “journalis” David Leavitt.

According to Fox News, the hashtag was the second highest trending on Twitter as of this past Sunday morning, with over 77,000 tweets, including the two above. Of course, this just shows that this hashtag and other social media bile are not isolated incidents of fringe actors – it is mainstream.

Even the “venerable” Washington Post editorialized in Robert Trump’s obituary.

Oh, is that all he did in his life? That’s the headline?

Robert Trump passed on Saturday, a day after President Trump had traveled to New York on Friday to visit him. If you are discussed as we are, you are invited to tweet out the message we provided below in order to express your displeasure.

You’d never know it from the ghouls on Twitter, but it is possible to disagree with someone and be a decent human being. #wrongtrump is proof that people sell their souls for the mob’s likes, shares & retweets.

Hopefully, you’ll join us in doing so.


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